Company Profile


Our mission is to help customers unlock hidden value in their manufacturing operations through simplification and adoption of technology.

About The Company

MESTECH is a manufacturing technology consulting firm headquartered in Pune, India with operations spread across India and the United States. We are one of the world’s leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) consultants, with a niche focus on Technology Consulting and Software Implementation for managing Manufacturing Operations. Beset with strong industry expertise, our consultants help provide solutions and services related to manufacturing execution in several industries, with specialization in the Life Sciences, Process, Automotive and Discrete Verticals.

Need For MES

The increasingly competitive and complex manufacturing space is making it difficult for companies to track their day-to-day operations. This is possible through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). These systems help improve manufacturing productivity through improved operator efficiency, faster time to market, better decision making. MES also reduces inventory, paper work and paper cost. MES solutions make it easy for manufacturing firms to adhere to compliance requirements.

Our Approach

Our model helps customers unlock the unrealized value in their business operations through reduced operating costs, increased revenue and improved ability to comply with regulatory or quality norms. We follow a detailed logical procedure for any manufacturing consulting requirement.

As a first step, we understand our customer’s current situation and gather requirements based on their business goals and expectations. Once the requirements are gathered and analyzed by our functional experts, we help the customer with technological alternates, vendor agnostic evaluations and information to select and develop the right solution. And finally once the customer agrees on the right solution, we help them with the deployment of the solution and provide tools, skills and documentation to run the same.

Why Choose Us?

We have been successfully delivering technology consulting services to our clients, in our focused verticals, for implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems. Our team of experts have consistently worked on standardizing these systems in the manufacturing domain and also successfully linked them to leading ERP systems. We execute projects from concept to completion, starting off with requirements gathering and ending with commissioning the system onsite, followed by support. We also provide staffing to our clients where our consultants play a key role in implementations that are managed by them.