MESTECH has developed its own Quality Management methodology MESTQ™ (MES Total Quality) which is ISO 9001-2015 certified. With customer satisfaction as its main focus, this methodology ensures that quality, audit ability, and transparency are maintained throughout the engagement, starting from the first contact with the customer till the support phase. MESTQ™ comprises of Core Business Processes and Key Support Processes which take inputs and convert them into value added outputs so that the business objectives are well served. Core business processes are related to main / core business functionalities of MESTECH.


The effectiveness of these core processes is maintained and enhanced by support processes. Core business processes and the key support processes span across entire organization, which enables everyone to have a clear focus on the requirements that have to be satisfied for the business to be successful. The model helps customers unlock the unrealized value in their business operations through reduced operating costs, increased revenue and improved ability to comply with regulatory or quality norms.

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